Film Production Service


We also provide production services for film shootings in Germany. Please find some of our services for your shooting below. In addition, we have got a 220 sq m creative space for shootings and meetings in Berlin.

Scouting and casting

We are scouting locations and actors according to your needs. No matter if you are looking for locations or actors, we can handle the whole scouting and casting process for your film. Not only in Berlin, but in Germany as well we will find a suitable location for your film production. Same for casting – we can deliver main role actors, featured extras or extras.

Location services

Apart from scouting, we can manage the locations on shooting days and beforehand. We ensure a proper and easy shooting for your film production. We deal contracts and provide you with the necessary permissions for your shoot. You will get perfect conditions for your film shooting – in Berlin and Germany.

Crew and rental services

We can support your film crew with local manpower. We can book from the entire range of the film crew staff. From location driver to director of photography you can get the profession you need for your film production. We have a wide network to rental services in Germany as well – for example in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich and other cities. We can provide crew and rental services for your film production.

Logistical services

For your film production in Germany, we offer logistical services. From transportation of your staff or equipment up to location drivers. We can also provide your crew with catering on set. Due to our business relations, we can book your accommodation for your stay with special fares. As we are working with destination management companies, we can also organize events for you or your client as needed.

Legal services

We manage the legal issues for your production. From filming permissions to contract management, we assure a trouble-free shooting for you. You can consult us on special questions regarding legal questions and usage rights, for example of architecture and buildings. We cope all legal advice necessary for a film shooting in Germany.

Based in Berlin

As we are based in Berlin, we know the local creative industry in particular. No matter if you are looking for a shooting permission in Berlin, for locations or local actors and extras – we can provide the whole shebang. In addition, we have best connections to rentals in and around Berlin. Please contact us for production services for your film.

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